5TH OF MAY: FFT ERROR EP RELEASE PARTY !!            - 15.4.12  
@ AGH Köpi (Berlin) !!

Very happy to have the riot grrrl punk-rock from 'Respect my Fist' and industrial-speedcore bomb from 'Del_F64.0' supporting with their powerful live acts.
'Revolution Planet Flesh' EP will be released the 1ST OF MAY through D-Trash Records. The full ep will be available as MP3 DOWNLOAD at D-Trash Bandcamp page (FREE/DONATION-BASED: ONLY FOR ONE WEEK!!!).
And if you want to support us (and get a better quality sound format ;) you can buy CD copies at D-Trash website or at any of our gigs!

D-TRASH MP3 podcast: with 2 tracks of FFT ERROR           - 5.4.12  

Free! MP3 podcast laying our blueprints for the 2012. Contains material culled from DTRASH156-165, plus 2 tracks from THE PHOERON's "Subjective Variables" DTRASH113.3. 24 songs put in a continuous mix by J.SCHIZOID @ D-TRASH HQ in 2012/03. Play at a dirty rotten volume, this is D-2012 in tha mix!

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(click for download)


FFT ERROR playing at 'Crunks Not Dead Booking' party       2.3.12  

The 19th of April @ Monster Ronsons (Berlin) !!
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We got a date for 'Revolution Planet Flesh' release!!           27.2.12 

1ST OF MAY 2012!! OFFICIAL RELEASE of our EP 'REVOLUTION PLANET FLESH' through D-Trash Records. Can't be better date to get these tracks out to the world and spread the deep intention of every fockin' noise contained in it!! 5 tracks of pure digital punkcore material, processed and fast-fourier-transformed till we made it bleed. Indeed.

(And surely, we'll make a party to rant and rave with it!!! That will be the 5th of May. More info soon.)

OFFICIAL RELEASE of 'Revolution Planet Flesh' EP!!          12.2.12

We are super happy to announce that we are OFFICIALLY RELEASING OUR EP album 'REVOLUTION PLANET FLESH' through the legendary digital hardcore label D-TRASH RECORDS!!!
A limited edition of 100 vinyl cd's (that you can get from D-Trash online shop) + Free/donation-based mp3 download will be available in Bandcamp.

Release date: we'll announce soon!

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FFT ERROR will be back in Madrid in Apryl                             2.3.11  

The 13th of Apryl @ Wurlitzer Ballroom, with the electronic punk destruction of CTRler opening the session!!
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1st EP album is finished!!                                                              18.2.11

The debut EP album "Revolution Planet Flesh" has just been mastered by Andre Neto, from Yellow Bop Records. Though there is not yet an official release date, itIt will be soon available for pre-ordering .


FFT Error in Spain ( live and loud! 2011)                                    20.1.11  


Playing in Porto, Hard Club (Portugal)  in Halloween '10         20.9.10  

The 31st October, together with Waste Disposal Machine+ Eden Synthetic Corpse
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Now in social media platforms                                                    20.9.10  

FFT Error has just opened accounts in myspace, facebook and twitter. We will start posting updates and other interesting info very soon.


New site launch                                                                             6.8.10  

The new site for FFT Error was launched today. The site will now be updated with the latest news and information about the project and its forthcoming live shows and material to be released here. There'll be some great audio and video for you to check out.





5th MAY ----- Ep Release Party. AGH-Köpi (BERLIN)

21st JUNE ----- Super Sonic (BERLIN)